In my actions I try to look for the truth, the justice, and the peaceful, in this order. First, "the truth", avoindin lies; accepting after "the right", that it can not be confounded with the illegality; I believe that only from these two conditions it is possible to arrive to "the peaceful". It is not possible to have the aim of the peaceful without the truth and the justice.

       The Valencian Parliament (17-9-97) asked for to CVC a report, not a pact, about "linguistic questions", because of one initiative presented by the President of the Generalitat in the debate of "Politica General" from two principles without question, "our own language have our own name" and "own linguistic authority" that they are denied in the answer to the petition of the Valencian Parliament.

       In the meeting of the CVC of 8-10-97 was presented the resolution of the Valencian Parliament.

       Since this moment, I am present at a process that started with the redaction of a notice to associations, letters and annex in catalan language, giving the same treatment to the Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana (that in another autonomies will have the maximum linguistic authority) that to the rest, chosen without a specific criteria of selection, and giving priority to the Universities who have been demonstrated clearly that does not recognise the Valencian Language.

       During all of the appearances I have listened with attention aal of the interventions, specially those from entities that defend the same identity of Valencian and Catalan languages, having found a lot of stereotypes sentencens, but they have not given any argument to change my convictions from the study, the contact and the communication with the natural users without contamination of my Valencian people.

       When was tried to stablish the metodology of the internal debate to the report, 24-4-98, I presented the petition that we have to clarify if the objective of the report is the language used by Valencian people or Catalan language imposed by immersion, the 4-5-98 I argued that the first and principal of the "philological questions" about to discuss the report have to be the linguistic conflict between:

  • Valencian language that persist alive in Valencian people and Catalan language that it has been imposed in the official ambit, have been named too valencian by people who use it, but that Valencian people distinguish prefectly from their language.

       This conflict has not been created by Valencian people, the real user of Valencian language, neither Real Academa de Cultura Valenciana (RACV), neither associations and writers who have seen in the RACV normative the more exact concretion of the Valencian language. The conflict have appeared when it has been tried to transform the Valencian language, submitting to the catalan language by a co-ordinated and directed action.

       As it is usual my petition was listened without getting any answer and withoutmodifying the plan of the Govern commission, without debate it neither argue against it. Always that I have tried to do similar questions I have received the same answer. But it was accepted the structure of the report presented by Srs . Lapiedra i Sanchis-Guarner.

       The language of the reports follow being the catalan language.

       . In spite of I dislike the plan of the report I follow paying attention to the process.

       Finally, Srs . Calomarde i Sanchis-Guarner presented the inform that was presented like a consensus text , written in catalan language, on it was presented a lot of proposals to explicit the recognition of the catalanity of Valencian language. There are four points:

       In the first point does not appear the denomination "Valencian language", it has been redacted in the way that other denominations of Valencian language can not be rejected (example catalan), it is fouls.

       In the second point, it is presented the orthographic bases of 1932 like a normes de Castello, example of consensus, when the words of the President of the society Castellonenca de Cultura in his appearance denied the fact that was presented like historic. There was not a meeting, there was not a report of this meeting neither this association has any report of this informal meeting. This fact was the trial of introducing the rules of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

       In the third point, it is said that Valencian language is part of other linguistic system. Lazaro Carreter says that the term system is synonymous of language. By the way, it can be interpreted that if Valencian language is part of a system is part of other language. This sentence is inadmissible.

       In the fourth point, it is proposed the creation of a normative entity, killing the previous one, that according the history and the criteria accepted by the other spanish languages (Academia Espanyola, Academia Galega, Academia Vasca, Institut d'Estudis Catalans), it is the entity recognised like normative entity: la Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana.

       It is possible to guesss that this creation, observing the characteristics that have been proposed, the percentages, the continuos dependency to the catalan language is a covered delivery to the catalanist invaders, that I have now known.

       Nowadays, having all of elements to judge, I deny to accept like a report about "linguistic questions" a document that it is not based in the truth and the justice can not drive to the peaceful. Maybe to the peaceful of the cemetery, by the death of Valencian language.

Josep Boronat Gisbert


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