The Valencian people have been manipulated, making them believe things which the PP has not followed. The media has contributed to this misunderstanding by being demagogue.

         The following have supported the bill and creation of the AVL:

1. Institut d'Estudis Catalans ("Positive starting point")
2. Institut Joan Luïs Vives (association of 14 universities from Catalunya: "...this is a great step forward..."). (1)
3. Generalitat de Catalunya ("Positive")
4. Jordi Pujol.
5. The majority of Catalan political parties.
7. BNV
8. PP-CV
9. Council of Education and Culture
10. Institute of universities of Valencian language ("Great starting point (2)")
11. Universitat de Valencia-Estudi General ("....fairly positive (3)...")
12. El Institut de Estudis Valencians de Carles Recio ("...this is a great success...")(4)

         It is not true that there is a social consensus since the valencian people have opposed from the beginning of the judgment of the CVC -July, 13, 1998- to the creation of the bill of the AVL, -September, 2nd, 1998-, most of them belong to valencian culture associations:

Councils of the CVC:

Josep Boronat.
Lleopolt Penyarroja.
Xavier Casp.
Federacio Coordinadora d'Entitats Culturals del Regne de Valencia (5)
Juan Garcia Sentandreu and José manuel Ricart Lumbreras. (6)
Lo Rat Penat. (7)
R.A.C.V.(8) (officialy (9) )
Amics de la Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana (Edison Valls(10) ,...)
Associacio d'Escritors de Llengua Valenciana (Vicent Ramón Calatayud(11) , Aureli López...)
Comité de l'Idioma valencià (Vicent Rebollar).
Associacio Cardona i Vives de Castello (Josep Mª Guinot i Galán(12) )
Associacio culturo-jovenil Mossarabia (13) de La Marina Baixa.
El Circul Aparisi Guijarro (Josep Monzonís: "...criticize the bill because does not solve the linguistic question...") (14).
Grup de Dones Valencianes (Teresa Moya).
Patronat Historic-Cultural d'Elig (josep Payá)
Grup Ilicità Regne de Valencia (Josep Marin)
Accio Bibliografica Valenciana.
Colectiu Jovenil d'Associacions Valencianistes (15) (Composed by 24 associated entities).
Amics del Corpus (Amparo Peris (16) )
Iniciativa de Progrés CV (Vicent Ferrer: "...this bill is absolutely unacceptable.".) (17)
Unio Valenciana (18)

         These are some news that could read after the PP pressured the RACV:

"The Royal Academy of Valencian Culture RACV will pact for the peace of the Valencian. Tarancón and Rita convinced the Academy"(19)
"The Academy of the Valencian Culture accepts the new normative entity" (20)
"The PP speaks to the Academy of Casp to get the vote for the linguistic pact" (21)
"The RACV, ready to accept the bill of the CVC" (22)

         The current situation is of a waiting period for the law to be carried out being the majority of the 21 academy members catalanist.

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