Other time, the Valencian people- particular and institutions- are going to defend publicly the sing that define better our identity like a Nation: the multisecular Valencian language.

      The owe of Valencian people is to collect the testimony of the father's language and give it to the sons. The Valencian politician's owe is that this linguistic transmission could be made with normality. Finally, the cultural associations and institutions have the owe of helping to the people with this task and have to demand of the politicians that the Valencian culture and Valencian idiom were maintained without disturbances.

      The signers of this manifest:

      NOTE THAT:

a)      It has been created a new normative organism the "Academia Valenciana de la Llengua", but the name has not named which language is going to normative

b)      The law of creation of this academy is a new manipulation against Valencian people and a big lie because:

    This law does not recognise the exclusive name of Valencian language to our Valencian idiom, by this reason this law commit an outrage against our Autonomy Statute,

    This law allows that Valencian language could be named Catalan language,

    This law includes Valencian language inside Catalan language,

    This law stars in the normes del 32, the first trial of catalanisation of Valencian language; by this reason these orthographic rules cannot never be the starting point to normative the Valencian idiom as this law pretends. Because of these rules are an adaptation of the Fabra's rules of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans

    This law admits that the new academy could be subordinated in its decisions to a other similar organisms,

    This law does not recognise the efforts to get dignity and normative for the Valencian language made from the Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana,

    And given the special characteristics of the future members of the new academy, one they are designated, the damages to the Valencian idiom, to the Valencian culture and to the Valencian people could be irreversible because of politicians choose a majority of catalanists, this majority will choose the changes inside the institution

c)      Like in a lot of another occasions, the new academy and the law born from a pact exclusively political which does not recognise the interest of Valencian people, but it does recognise another odd motivations nowadays intentionally occulted.

By the reasons exposed,


  1. Our strongest rebuff to the text of the Law of Creation of the Academia Valenciana de la Llengua. -A.V.LL.- by its calculated ambiguity, by the manipulation and by the ill-fated consequences that this law can produce on the Valencian idiom and our culture like a differentiated Nation.

  2. We affirm the request of doing official the orthographic rules of El Puig, made by Valencians and for the Valencians by being actually the most appropriated to our Valencian language, which were proposed by the Language and literature section of the Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana-RACV-.To get official these orthographic rules is a legitimate aspiration of the Valencian people, and this aspiration has been explicitly reiterated by hundred of thousands of Valencian people joined to the Valencian cultural associations and institutions in all of popular manifestations from 1978 to the last one in 13th of June of 1997,


      WE DEMAND:

  1. The derogation of the law of creation of the A.V.LL.

  2. The official recognition of the orthography of the Valencian language (normes d'El Puig or normes de la RACV) and its incorporation to the educational and administrative system: recognition of the titles of Valencian of the Lo Rat Penat ("none could be discriminated by reasons of their language" Art. 7.3 of the Autonomy Statute)

  3. The request by the Generalitat Valenciana to the Ministerio de Cultura of an own I.S.B.N to the books in Valencian language/idiom.

  4. the recognition of the singularity of the Valencian idiom in the European Letter of Minority Languages which Spanish State have not yet ratified,

  5. That the Valencian Government fights against the import of the linguistic conflict and takes care to the maintenance and normalisation of the Valencian language.

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